PSP1101A High Pressure In-Line pH Sensor

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This pH sensor is designed to fit into the built-in housings of the dosing units on the most widely used automated liquid fertilization systems in the hydroponics industry.


In-Line (with Housing)


  • Fertigation pH Sensor
  • Combination glass pH electrode, 12 mm O.D.
  • Sealed Ag/AgCl reference with coaxial ceramic junction
  • Single junction reference design (1X)
  • Standard Cap, Ten foot cable, BNC Connector

Additional Notes

Combination electrodes are designed such that both the pH measuring electrode and the reference electrode are built into one probe. Ease of handling and small size make this a very popular design.

This pH sensor easily fits into both the conventional threaded housing and the new twist-lock housing.

Part Number: PSP1101A


pH Range: 0-13 pH

Temperature Range: -5º to 100ºC

Reference System: Ag/AgCl

Reference Electrolyte: 3.8M KCl, Saturated with AgCl

Glass Membrane Type: HT-3, Low Sodium Ion error

Membrane Resistance: 100 Megohms

Zero Potential: 7.0 pH

Wetted Materials: Glass and Ceramic

Cap: Fits all Lab Arms

Connector: BNC Plug

Standard cable length: 3 meter (10 ft) low noise cable

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