PSP1121K High Pressure In-Line pH Sensor with Integral Housing

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This pH sensor has its own integral housing so that it can be installed into any 1/2″ NPT pipe fitting. No separate housing is needed because the electrode and the threaded housing are built into one unit.




  • Fertigation pH Sensor
  • Combination glass pH electrode, 12 mm O.D.
  • Sealed Ag/AgCl reference with coaxial ceramic junction
  • Single junction reference design (1X)
  • 3 meter (10 ft) cable, BNC Connector

Additional Notes:

Combination electrodes are designed such that both the pH measuring electrode and the reference electrode are built into one probe. Ease of handling and small size make this a very popular design.

pH sensor is threaded to fit directly into the pipe.

Part No.: PSP1121K

Standard 1/2″ Tee joint


pH Range: 0–13 pH

Redox Range: ± 5000 mV

Temp Range: -5º to 105ºC

Max Pressure/Temp: 100 psig at 100ºC, 150 psig at 25ºC

Reference System: Ag/AgCl

Reference Electrolyte: 3.8M KCl, Saturated with AgCl

Glass Membrane Type: HT-3, Low Sodium Ion error

Membrane Resistance: 100 Megohms

Zero Potential: 7.0 pH

Wetted Materials: Glass and Ceramic

Cap: 1/2″ NPT

Connector: BNC Plug

Standard cable length: 3 meter (10 ft) low noise cable

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